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Advertisment Policy

"Jai Herboking Always King”



Herboking Wellness Pvt Ltd is engaged in the business of direct selling, providing health supplements, beauty wellness, FMCG, and household products directly to consumers through the Direct Seller. The company operates through its website, and seeks to inform individuals, enƟƟes, organizaƟons, Direct sellers, and consumers interested in the company about its terms and condiƟons for adverƟsing and literature.


Our adverƟsing policy provides guidance on the type of ad content that is allowed. Each ad is reviewed in accordance with this policy and a certain list of prohibited content.


To create suitable condiƟons for a regime where unauthorized adverƟsement is discouraged and legal adverƟsement is encouraged by making the Healthy adverƟsement Policy.


This policy is applicable to all Direct sellers and employees of the company, in accordance with the Consumer ProtecƟon Act, 2019, the Consumer ProtecƟon (Direct selling) Rules, 2021, and any other laws currently in force in India.

DefiniƟon of AdverƟsement: Any audio or visual publicity, representaƟon, or pronouncement made by means of any light, sound, smoke, gas, print, electronic media, internet, or website, and includes through any noƟce, circular, label, wrapper, or brochures, literature, or other documents. AdverƟsing can be done through social/print media or any documents, Print Media, Electronic Media, or Physical demonstraƟon and includes Videos, Images, Printed Papers, Labels, Banners, Prospectus, Social/print media or any documents Post, etc.

Guidelines for Healthy AdverƟsement or Literature

The trademark/logo of the Company should be used as per actual size and font design and color with the prior permission of the company.

The adverƟsement should be fair, simple, and understandable to the public.

Vernacular languages may be added, but English/Hindi is compulsory.

All adverƟsements shall be under review and approval of the company.

Follow the rules

A. Connect with Consumer/Public!

  • Every Direct seller, Employee shall be respecƞul to others when conducƟng business on behalf of Herboking Wellness or when they idenƟfy or could be idenƟfied as a Herboking Wellness Direct seller/employee.
  • Social/print media or any documents acƟvity could be seen by customers or potenƟal customers, so you should treat every interacƟon on social/print media or any documents as if you are dealing with a potenƟal customer.
  • Herboking Wellness has zero tolerance for hate speech, racism, bigotry and misogyny, express or implied threats of harassment or physical harm, or hate speech.

B. Secrecy

  • Everyone is prohibited from sharing customer or other confidenƟal informaƟon.
  • All employees and Direct sellers should sign a confidenƟality agreement.

By following these guidelines, Herboking Wellness Pvt Ltd can create healthy adverƟsing and literature, encourage authorized adverƟsing, and discourage unauthorized adverƟsing.

No false or misleading claims should be made about the products or services offered by the Company.

Any tesƟmonials or endorsements must be truthful and not misleading. They must also comply with applicable laws and regulaƟons.

Any use of third-party intellectual property, such as logos or images, must be authorized by the owner of that property.

All adverƟsements must comply with applicable laws and regulaƟons, including the Consumer ProtecƟon Act, 2019, the Consumer ProtecƟon (Direct selling) Rules, 2021, or any other law in force in India.

Enforcement of Policy

The Company reserves the right to take appropriate acƟon in response to any violaƟon of this AdverƟsement Policy. This may include but is not limited to, removing or rejecƟng the offending ad, suspending or terminaƟng the account of the adverƟser, and pursuing legal acƟon as appropriate.


Herboking Wellness Private Limited is commiƩed to promoƟng healthy and truthful adverƟsing pracƟces. This policy outlines our guidelines for creaƟng adverƟsements that are fair, respecƞul, and comply with applicable laws and regulaƟons. By following these guidelines, our Direct sellers, employees, and adverƟsers can help build a healthy adverƟsing ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.