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Cancellation Policy

"Jai Herboking Always King”



Herboking Wellness Pvt Ltd (The “Company”) is committed to providing quality and standard products to its customers through Company Direct sellers and Authorized C&F of the Company. The Company recognizes that customers may require their orders to be cancelled for various reasons. Therefore, this policy has been designed to help customers cancel their orders with ease.


This cancellation policy applies to all customers who wish to cancel their orders for any reason.


  • Company means “Herboking Wellness Private Limited”.
  • Product means “Product or Products”.
  • cancellation means “If you have purchased a product and are not saƟsfied with it, you can cancel the product”.

Type of order cancellation

  • By Consumer
    cancellation of the product shall be considered acceptable under two condiƟons: before generaƟng of the invoice and aŌer generaƟng the invoice.

a.) In case of cancellation of the order before generaƟng of the invoice

Process shall be as follows:

Consumers get an opƟon related to order cancellation aŌer placing the order for the product/products but before generaƟng the invoice.

A separate pop-up shall be shown to the consumer for cancelling the order.

Consumers can use the pop-up regarding cancellation of their order by clicking before generaƟng the invoice. The separate link for the cancellation tab shall be removed from the consumer panel.

If the amount is already paid to the company or authorized C&F, consumers can approach the company or authorized C&F for a refund.

b.) In case of cancellation of the order aŌer generaƟng of the invoice

Process shall be as follows:

A customer can cancel their order within 24 hours aŌer generaƟng the invoice and before the release/dispatch/shipment of the products.

If the order or the item(s) that customers want to cancel have not been shipped yet, they can write to the customer support team at cancellaƟ or call at 000-XXXXXXX (Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 07 PM, except holidays).

After receiving mail or call, the company will inform the customer accordingly.

II. By Company

The company reserves the right, at its sole discreƟon, to refuse or cancel any order for any reason, without any claims or liability to pay any charges or interest on the amount. Some situaƟons that may result in customers' orders being cancelled include but are not limited to:

Inaccuracies or errors in delivery or pricing informaƟon, technical or technological problems, or problems idenƟfied in relaƟon to credit/debit fraud.

There is no shipment and delivery over that place

Invalid Order

Out of stock

Incomplete address

No authenƟc sources

The company may also require addiƟonal verificaƟons or informaƟon before accepƟng any order. It will contact customers if all or any porƟon of their order is cancelled or if addiƟonal informaƟon is required to accept their order.

Refund Process

In the case of order payment (if any) made through Credit Card, Debit Card, or Net banking directly into the authorized account of the Company, customers will receive the refund without any deducƟon into the source within 5 days from the Ɵme of cancellaƟon of the order.

If any payment has been made through C&F store, then... (to be completed by the company).

Note: All material in this policy is the property of Herbooking Wellness Private Limited. Any reproducƟon or publicaƟon thereof in any form or by any means, whether electronic, mechanical, photocopying, cyclostyling, recording, or usage in any manner whatsoever without the prior wriƩen permission of the Herbooking Wellness Private Limited, will invite civil and criminal acƟon.... within 7- 10 working days of receipt of the returned product.

Please note that the refund process may take some Ɵme, and the Ɵme taken may vary depending on the mode of payment used during the original transacƟon.

Non-Refundable Products

There are certain products that are non-refundable, and these include gift cards, discounted products, and products that have been tampered with or damaged due to the consumer's negligence.

ModificaƟon of Policy

Herboking Wellness Private Limited reserves the right to modify, alter or update this cancellaƟon policy at any Ɵme without prior noƟce. The updated policy shall be available on our website for your reference.

Governing Law and JurisdicƟon

This policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. Any disputes arising out of or in connecƟon with this policy shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdicƟon of the courts of Delhi.


At Herboking Wellness Private Limited, we are commiƩed to providing our customers with the best possible service and experience. We understand that someƟmes, circumstances may arise that necessitate the cancellaƟon of an order. In such cases, we have a clear and consumer-friendly cancellaƟon policy in place that ensures that our customers are fairly treated and can receive their refunds without any hassles.